Homemade Vanilla Extract

It's hard to believe how quickly the holidays are approaching! Which means if you want to gift something personalized or homemade, you probably need to start planning now. Homemade vanilla extract is the perfect gift that is meaningful, affordable, and easy to make multiples!


-Bottles, I typically buy a pack of swing top 8-8.5oz bottles from Amazon

-Vanilla beans, whole, I buy these from Amazon as well

-Vodka, yes you read that right, vodka

-Labels and ribbon are optional, buy label sheets from Amazon and you can download the labels I've made to print at home!


Take a scissors and snip the vanilla beans in half lengthwise, leaving one tip connected. Place approximately 5 beans in each bottle and fill the bottles with vodka. Place your labels, ribbon, whatever you prefer on the bottles to decorate and wha-la you're done! Allow the bottles 2 months to steep and they are ready for use. The best part is, the receiver of this gift will have endless vanilla, as you just refill with vodka and to get continued use.


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